The EndlessRope heritage

The EndlessRope brings balance to fitness training.
Rope climbing stands alone as the ultimate demonstration of core strength and conditioning. The EndlessRope stands alone as the ultimate scalable rope climber born from the desire to bring the benefits of climbing rope to people who can’t climb.
It started with an idea shared among friends in 1994 and became a reality in 2001. Lynn Reynolds and Fred Maestas designed a machine that challenges the very fittest of athletes and yet allows grandma to experience relief from poor circulation and achy joints.
Commercially available since 2005 it has proven that the training and therapeutic benefits of EndlessRope are… endless.

The kind of story we live for.

Meet Dalia and listen to her inspiring story of overcoming adversity through strength training with EndlessRope.  When many would give up, Dalia climbed the mountain.

Strength in Tension