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The one and only EndlessRope machine designed to feed your core with the ultimate exercises that you need to help you live stronger, and live longer.

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The Ultimate Workout

The ER330 will give you the most satisfying core workout of your life.


Built to last, made in the USA

Easy to Use

Use sitting or standing up.

Easy to Assemble

The ER330 is easy to assemble and easy to move.

Free Shipping in The Contiguous United States

Alaska, Hawaii and overseas, please inquire.

Control No. 1

Setting Resistance

The EndlessRope employs a hydraulic fluid system with an easy-to-use 4-turn flow valve.  Red, white and blue hash marks on the knob identify turns.

The extreme durability of this motor/valve combination means you will receive a lifetime of service without maintenance costs.

Control No. 2

Setting the Electronics

Finally a machine with simple electronics:

1: Manual Mode – the display with record your speed, distance, and time, and you may pause at any time for up to 60 seconds without losing the display.

2: Preset Distance – preset your desired distance to climb, when completed, the speedometer will display your time and average hand speed.

3: Preset Time – Set your desired time (in 30-second increments) and when completed, the speedometer will display your completed distance and average hand speed.

Grip It

The Rope

Gripping rope instead of plastic or metal while exercising creates different sensations in the nervous system.  Choosing the perfect rope is crucial.

Our rope provides greater flexibility of purpose and causes the user to develop greater grip strength. Thru years of testing and experience, we have found our 3 strand Poly/Dac rope to be the ideal rope for the speed work that is unique to the EndlessRope.

Built Tough

American Craftsmanship

Every component of the ER330 is designed with a lifetime of use in mind.  This means keeping the design simple, the machine easy and fun to use, and made out of the best materials possible.

The ER330 has a welded tubular frame constructed with a 1 1/2” schedule 40 steel pipe. The elegant simplicity of the design provides maximum strength and rigidity for heavy use while minimizing weight making it easy to move.

The frame and all the various steel parts of the EndlessRope are powder coated to provide the most durable finish possible. It is not only attractive and easy to clean but resistant to scratching, chipping, and UV degeneration.

EndlessRope’s Lynn Reynolds Demonstrates

ER330 Exercise Example

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ER330 Specifications

Weight 105 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 108 in
Frame Welded Tubular Steel
Resistance Hydraulic Motor
Rope 1 1/8” Poly/Dac 3 Strand
Digital Display Speed (feet/minute)
Distance (feet)
Time (elapsed in time minutes/seconds)
Color Black



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