Frame: Welded Tubular Steel
Resistance: Hydraulic Motor
Digital Display:

Speed (feet/minute)
Distance (feet)
Time (elapsed in time minutes/seconds)
Rope: 1 1/8” Poly/Dac 3 Strand
Height: 108” (9 feet) (custom height available)

Front – 46”
Rear – 28”
Depth: 48”
Weight: 105 lbs.
Color: Black (custom colors available)

By scaling back resistance on the EndlessRope you are able to train alongside the fittest athletes and progressively improve without frustration and anxiety.


The standard height of the machine is 9 feet but the mast section of the unit can be shortened in order to fit in a room with a lower ceiling. The standard color for the EndlessRope is black hammertone. Any color is available but will be considered a special order. Customization may result in a delay in delivery and an extra fee. Please speak to a representative about pricing and delivery.



The EndlessRope has a welded tubular frame constructed with 1 1/2” schedule 40 steel pipe. The elegant simplicity of the design provides maximum strength and rigidity for heavy use while minimizing weight making it easy to move.


Our rope provides greater flexibility of purpose and causes the user to develop greater grip strength. Thru years of testing and experience we have found our 3 strand Poly/Dac rope to be the ideal rope for the speed work that is unique to the EndlessRope.


The frame and all the various steel parts of the EndlessRope are powder coated to provide the most durable finish possible. It is not only attractive and easy to clean but resistant too scratching, chipping, and UV degeneration.


Welded frame: Lifetime
Motor/Valve: 10 Years
Electronics: 4 Years
Drive Wheel / Pulleys: 4 Years
Rope: 1 Year
Labor: 1 Year



The resistance on the rope is provided by an hydraulic motor. A custom valve provides variability of fluid flow. The pressure generated in the flow line is dependent on the velocity of the rope and the setting of the valve. The extreme durability of this motor/valve combination means you will receive a lifetime of service with out maintenance costs.


The EndlessRope is an idea born out of necessity. Rope climbing tends to be pass/fail, you have it or you don’t. Being able to scale a rope climb is extremely valuable for novice and expert climbers alike.

Looking up a static rope the novice asks ‘how do I get there from here?’

Novice climbers have trouble getting off the ground. By scaling back resistance on the EndlessRope you are able to train alongside the fittest athletes and progressively improve without frustration and anxiety.

Fit athletes able to climb rope can be frustrated by a lack of challenging assents. Low ceilings often limit the height of climbing ropes and if you happen to find a rope capable of testing your limits, there is the liability of a fall. Even a short unbalanced drop can end in ankle, knee, or even back problems. With heavy resistance on the EndlessRope hundreds of feet can be pulled in a set preparing you for longer assents on static rope. It is the safest way to develop and mature your legless rope climbing skills.

Low strength to body weight ratio and liability of a fall. Climbing ropes are less and less common these days primarily for these two reasons. The EndlessRope eliminates the frustration of rope climbing and reduces liability to almost zero. As a scaled climber, the EndlessRope’s variable resistance allows the user to climb at their current strength capacity and develop the kinetic chains a static rope climb requires without their feet leaving the floor. With each workout the EndlessRope gets you closer to your goal of reaching the top.

But that’s just the beginning…